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Consult with a Private Investigator

“Knowledge is power.”Francis Bacon


Crossover Law specializes in corporate internal investigations, pre-trial investigations and intelligence that can quickly resolve your legal issues – often saving significant time and money. A thorough investigation is vital to a strong negotiating position during any dispute and negotiation. Our investigators are seasoned experts at conducting due diligence on vital employees, high-risk employees, business partners, vendors, etc. You benefit from extra confidentiality and expert preparation for any civil or criminal litigation by working with investigators through a law office.

Crossover investigators are all former law enforcement officers with city, local or state agencies. They have combined experience of over 50 years investigating traffic accidents, homicides, organized crime, etc. Several are highly decorated, organized crime investigators with established credibility with law enforcement, district attorneys and the judiciary. While some geographically concentrated investigations can be concluded in 1-4 days, Crossover investigators have the assets and experience to conduct multi-modal investigation (land, sea & air) throughout Pennsylvania. They can also coordinate investigations nationally through other resources.

We offer a free 30-minute consultation about your investigative needs. As with our legal services, all communication regarding investigations is strictly confidential. Simply fill out our investigation questionnaire and online form to schedule an initial consultation. Before we begin any investigation, we provide clients with an engagement letter which outlines the scope, goals and estimated cost of the investigation.

Investigative services include:

  • Surveillance
  • Locating Individuals & Assets
  • Litigation Discovery Planning & Review
  • Corporate/Organizational Internal Investigations
  • Crisis Mitigation & Management