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Consult with an Attorney

“Perspective is worth 40 points of IQ.” – Popular Silicon Valley Adage

Obtain expert legal advice – confidentially, securely and conveniently – with:

  • Legal Advice Emails
  • Legal Document Review
  • Legal Advice Calls
  • Legal & Court Coaching
  • Legal Advice by Webcam

Legal Advice Webcam/Phone Calls for new clients are generally complimentary for the first 15 minutes. Afterward, standard pricing of $200/hour (in 15-minute increments) applies.


With Crossover Law you are tapping into a unique network of experienced attorneys, investigators and legal consultants with “real world” perspective. We understand that your best advisor will be someone that has direct, specialized experience in the subject matter of your legal issue. The web allows our firm to collaborate virtually with a broad network of specialized experts. With certain issues such as criminal or administrative law issues other non-lawyer experts can also provide very valuable advice. Having experts consult you through our office maintains the utmost confidentiality before, during and after you are a client.

Our network includes very experienced and highly decorated organized crime investigators, former senior managers of government agencies and attorneys with advanced experience in legal areas like taxation, estate planning and small business law. In short, we provide exceptional value by knowing who in our network to tap for practical, trustworthy advice.


Please note: all communication you send Crossover Law is strictly confidential and protected by the Attorney/Client privilege whether or not you decide to become a client. This is a very important difference between Crossover Law and other online legal websites that are staffed by people without a law license.